Baby Shower and Family Gifts

I began working on making Homemade Baby Shower Gifts when I became pregnant myself. Looking at other's unique baby shower ideas, I began to wonder what else I could have done for my first child's baby shower, what were some of the things I could have made or what could I have made for others, and began thinking of ways to 'dress up' diaper bundles.

Diapers are the one gift that every parent needs, whether they're cloth or disposable, every baby needs Diapers... but handing someone a box of Diapers might not feel right to some. I personally felt like I did little to nothing at all, so I began trying to take those Diapers and wrap them in ribbon to give the expecting mother/father more then just a box of diapers! I wanted to show them that I cared, that I took the time to pick out the perfect gift just for them and their new addition(s).

After that, many asked for me to do the same for their diaper gifts because they were too busy with work and their own home lives to take all this time out of their day to gather all the ribbon and items to make these gifts, but they still wanted to have something special to give, and our store was born!

So now we dedicate ourselves to making your baby shower a success without all the hassle involved! Whether you're looking for a gift, a cake or some party favors, or even all of the above! We carry and make it here just for you so it's ready for your baby shower!!

Feel free to browse and come back any time as we are always adding new items and designs! I'm personally always looking for the next ribbon out there to use to make the next perfect design for all of you out there!

If you have any questions or are looking for your own special design, please don't hesitate to ask us any time!

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